News Flash -- BillyWho is now working with Works Connection to solve skid plate/ManFunnel compatibility issues. Works Connection has moved their mounting brackets to allow the funnel to rest on the frame with out interference so you can now change your oil on the bike stand and never have to remove the skid plate or any of the brackets.

Pictured Above --2005 CRF450 with Works Connection skid plate installed and ManFunnel in place ready to drain motor and tranny oils. Click image to enlarge.

Stay tuned for more developments as BillyWho and Works Connection continue to work together.

New Release -- We have just released the The Factory Fill™ Oil Replacement System that eliminates searching the manual for oil capacity. This is the first ever bike specific oil fill system. Its patented design not only allows you to measure volume but it also offers a spill and clean-up free transfer to the engine and transmission.

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Download the instructions here (PDF)

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Filling the Bottles | Filling the Motor | Filling the Tranny

ManFunnel™ Oil Drain System was designed to put an end to the mess caused by drain bolt location when changing the oil. Now you can change your oil on the stand and leave your skid plate on! The funnel is heat stabilized injection molded plastic so it is going to last. This patented hands free oil drain funnel clips on the frame and routes used oil cleanly into a drain pan.

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